jeudi 16 février 2017

Open the box : Comrades in battle

Hello all,
Pas de français pour cet article spécial ACW.

the postman come to my house with this :
The only thing i was waiting from england was a Kickstarter. I was so excited

Ready ?

A rules book, 112 cards, a jacket, a boad of pawn and two miniatures.
The rule book is beautifull, i just regret there is no miniatures' pictures in it. the cards look to tall, but i will see in the use.
In the jacket : the base for the miniatures and
 The 15 miniatures of the starting pledge are very well engraved but less dynamic as i hoped
The goal miniatures : The Général was amazing but i was a little disappointed by the finish of the medical miniatures.
This two miniatures are in add, but i think they are more beautiful than the other soldier.

it's my first rule for ACW, so i'm impatient to read and test it.

2 commentaires:

  1. Merci bien, M Lelain, vos remarques sont très appréciés.

    Mike Oliver - Studio Capitain

    1. My friend from F&S were very interested to test the game. When looking to the miniature with an other backer, we find some deburring work to do.
      Happy you read it mike.